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  • JOHNSEN’S BLACK GREASE is a creamy-black lubricant made with high quality base oil, lithium Li12HSA soap (12-Hydroxyl Strearic Axit) and non-abrasive basic oxides. Mild EP anti-wear additives provide additional protection and longer bearing life. It has excellent pumpability characteristics, good shear stability, and does not harden or soften readily under moderately high temperature.

    Made in USA.


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•One grease for many applications.
•Good pumpability at low temperatures.
•Will operate at high temperatures.
•Meets customers preference for Black Grease

Typical Uses:

•Recommended for lubrication of plain and anti-friction bearings under moderate load conditions.
•Used in the lubrication of all types of automotive equipment, trucks, tractors and contractor equipment.
•Commonly used in food processing plants where there is a decided preference for black colored grease.

 Caution : While product can be used in food processing plants, it must be used only in areas where there is no possibility of grease coming in contact with edible product.

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